Ecological Shredder/ Ökoloogiline paberihunt

Paper shredder for ecologically destroying the secret documents

Art of Living
Tallinn Art Hall
Cage, antique furniture, a gerbil, copies of a Molotov Ribbentrop pact

The gerbil is equipped with a specific instinct, it tears different materials to
tiny pieces, which are used for destroying the paper copies of the Molotov –
Ribbentrop pact – a secret document from the World War II dividing the Eastern
Europe, including Estonia, between Germany and Russia.

Ökoloogiline paberihunt saladokumentide hävitamiseks
Metall, plastmass, antiikmööbel, Molotov-Ribbetropi pakti koopiad



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Ecological Paper Shredder/ Ökoloogiline paberihunt
Ecological Paper Shredder/ Ökoloogiline paberihunt